Privacy Policy

1. What information do we collect from visitors to our website?

  • Parent’s Name
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Student’s Name, School, Grade, Age
  • Referred By
  • Comments (Optional)
  • Credit Card for Donations Only (Securely Handled via PayPal)

Sharing this info is optional. Visitors can visit our website without the need to enter any information.
An alternate way for users to provide personal information is to call our office at 925-944-5559 or email

2. By what means is this information collected?

  • Web Forms

3. What will this information be used for and who will have access to it?

  • We collect this information when visitors wish to schedule an evaluation (after they have completed a web form) or wish to learn more about our reading program and services; it also allows us to follow up with visitors and send them information via email or phone call.
  • Active Reading Center (ARC) does not share, redistribute, or sell personal information collected on its website.
  • Users entering their information give consent to ARC to use the information to schedule an evaluation or receive a phone call or an email from us providing them with information about our reading program and services.
  • ARC Director or Office Manager have access to the information.
  • ARC site is hosted by an outside webhosting company.

4. How will users be informed if our privacy policy change (including changes to how the information will be used)?

  • We will update the privacy policy on our website with a modification date.

5. How is user information protected?

  • Computer Safeguards
  • SSL Activated