Our promise to you

Reading Revolution® is a transformational change in reading instruction. ARC uses your child’s strengths, systematic phonics, and literature-based activities so your child can succeed.

Stop hoping the problem will go away. Give your child the gift of a lifetime.

One-on-one instruction from caring, highly-trained instructors.


Effective reading strategies embedded in engaging activities including our 8-step strategy to read any word in English.


Fluent reading and improved spelling and comprehension.

Every child deserves to be taught
in a way that works for them!

Like your child, my personal experience of struggling with learning to read made me feel like I was learning disabled. The tedium of drill and memorization of rules just didn’t cut it for me. Eventually, I developed the Reading Revolution® methodology. Over the last 40 years I have taught professional development courses to early childhood educators across the country.

I founded the nonprofit Active Reading Center in 1992 so all kinds of children (English Language Learners, those with learning disabilities and older children who failed to learn to read using traditional or remedial reading programs) could enjoy learning reading and spelling skills using fun, physically active and engaging strategies. I am very proud of how highly effective ARC is with all kinds of learners.

, Founder of ARC

ARC Mission

Our mission is to provide each
student with individualized,
physically active and effective
reading lessons including raps and
exciting treasure hunts so that
challenged learners become
motivated readers.

*This video was created and donated by a local
high school student, Robby Goldman, as his Eagle
Scout Project.

Our Team

Judy Kranzler


Amy Peterson

Board President -
Instructor - Evaluator

Cyndy Lemyre

Academic Advisor -
Master Instructor -

Caroline Clerempuy

Director of Operations

Jane Ebe


JoAnn Selisker


Tracy Durden


Laurie Prindle


Lynn Lambert
Lynne Lambert


Jonathan Singer


Mardi Veiluva
Mardi Veiluva


Mary Chi
Mary Chiu


ARC is supported by dedicated Board 
Members, comprised of talented
professionals with diverse backgrounds such
as business, education, finance, marketing,
and pediatric neuropsychology.

Judy Kranzler (ARC Founder)

Amy Peterson (Educator)

Linda Nevin (CPA)

Kristin Gross Ph.D., ABPdN (Pediatric Neuropsychologist)