Reading Revolution® methodology incorporates a wide spectrum of engaging activities that enable your student to succeed, no matter how they learn.

At ARC your student will develop a strong set of reading skills, including phonemic awareness, phonics, blending, fluency and comprehension.
The Active Reading Center uses the research and evidence-based methodology called Reading Revolution® which breaks down reading into its fundamental elements and teaches each through physically active engaging activities tailored to each student.

Reading Revolution® is explicit, progressive, and cumulative, containing many small steps in the “reading skills ladder” that other programs leave out.

Our methodology aligns with the latest educational research. It is multi-sensory and incorporates the best of what research demonstrates is effective in phonics and whole language systems. The “reading revolution” comes through a series of proprietary steps that, in aggregate, bring together the latest of brain research and theories of how the human brain triggers its learning mechanisms. Reviews show a statistically significant improvement in reading scores for at-risk, ELL, and children with various learning challenges.

Unfortunately, many traditional reading programs leave up to 30% or more of children behind, especially students who are not linguistically talented or who have non-traditional learning styles. The earlier we can intervene with a dyslexic child the less loss of self-esteem and the stronger and quicker they can become good readers. Early intervention is more effective than treatment once a student is already apathetic, frustrated or confused.

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